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Will police chief trade his badge for a press card?

“I never knew there was so much rottenness and corruption in Monroe until you and Betty and The Trumpet began to dig it up and tried to get rid of it” —¬†police chief. “Ex-Police Chief Henderson Visits,” the seventh episode … Continue reading

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Radio’s Clark Kent showed “star reporter” qualities

The 1940 Superman radio adventure of Professor Thorpe’s Bathysphere finds reporter Clark Kent hiding not only his secret identity, but the very existence of Superman. In the process, unlike some comic and TV representations of the character, this Clark is … Continue reading

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Emotional woes and courage of a newspaper family

“Bad enough to give up something that’s meant your whole life, running a newspaper, but when I can’t even get a copy of it to read!” — Bob Drake, publisher No wonder publisher Bob Drake has a temper tantrum when … Continue reading

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Spring Saturdays with Superman

The 1940 Superman radio adventure of Professor Thorpe’s Bathysphere begins with Clark Kent being called to editor Perry White’s office to get his new assignment — covering a scientific discovery. No Earth-destroying calamity is approaching from outer space; no mad … Continue reading

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Journalists make good neighbors

This week’s “Betty and Bob” episode, Anita Rusack escapes from her father, finds the journalist couple providing a refuge — and sandwiches — for the young daughter of their neighbor, who apparently went mad after the death of his wife. … Continue reading

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What am I doing here?

I tried to answer that question on the “about” pages at the top of¬† this blog, but getting an email from someone who has put even more creative energy into old time radio research inspired me to try again. Here’s … Continue reading

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Could there be a newsroom romance brewing?

There isn’t much newspapering yet in this third Betty & Bob episode, but there is a hint of soap opera romance to come, as Chet meets Claire. Claire is the young and “expecting” widow of The Trumpet’s star reporter, who … Continue reading

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