What am I doing here?

I tried to answer that question on the “about” pages at the top of  this blog, but getting an email from someone who has put even more creative energy into old time radio research inspired me to try again.

Here’s the interview at OTRBuffett… And, no, I haven’t been on the Internet quite as long as Jim suggests, although I did publish an article or two about it in Soundings magazine more than 20 years ago, back in the pre-Web “Usenet” days.

From the look of his many blogs, Jimbo Mason has been into old time radio much longer than I have. His clipping-index to radio show articles in Google’s scanned Billboard magazines and newspapers is amazing. I wrote to ask whether he was using some special software to compile those lists. Nope, just hundreds of hours of work, he said.

About Bob Stepno

mild-mannered reporter who sank into computers and the Web during graduate school in the 1980s and '90s, then taught journalism, media studies and Web production, retiring to write and play more music.
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