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by Bob Stepno

About the pictures: For the image at the top of this site I combined a colorful old Radio Broadcast magazine cover, a microphone Orson Welles used in “Citizen Kane,” and two of pop-culture journalism’s favorite couples, Walter Burns & Hildy Johnson from “His Girl Friday” and Lois Lane & Clark Kent from one of the early Superman cartoons. Their radio incarnations are featured elsewhere on this site.

Throughout the site, I “illustrate” some radio-related posts with related comic book and magazine covers, stills clipped from videos, and newspaper snippets from scanned and archived papers. Sources of the latter include the Library of Congress, Google’s lamentably discontinued newspaper-scanning project, Proquest Historical Newspapers, and other sources.

2 Responses to the pictures

  1. Jimbo Mason says:

    Would you consider doing an email interview with me about otr/journalism?

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