Young Love

Not much journalism happens in the seven available episodes of this short-lived 1949 series at the Internet Archive, but it does tell the listening audience there is such a thing as college-level journalism education.

How so? The narrator of the series is a college journalism professor who is a friend of the two lead characters, college students with a secret

He helps keeps their secret, which is that they are married, against the rules of the college. He also makes what today would be taken for mild sexist references to other young women on campus, but he is progressive insofar as he condones the students’ breaking the old-fashioned rule.

This being 1949 radio, we don’t know whether the marriage has ever been consummated. The groom continues to live in his fraternity house, the bride in a women’s dormitory. Story plots revolve on keeping the secret and watching the couple cope with the situation, their parents, the dean, and the novice justice of the peace, whose role is not completed in the first episode.

The series was a summer replacement for vacationing Arthur Godfrey, and was recorded with a live audience, who seemed to enjoy it enormously.