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Stanley, meet Livingstone; America, meet modern journalism

“This isn’t the other papers… I’m going to teach everybody in the cities, on the farms, on the frontiers to like important news. This country’s growing up… It doesn’t want any more colonial gazettes with local gossip, but big newspapers … Continue reading

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Meet Lois Lane, high-flying journalist

… but bored by atomic energy Episode 7 of the Superman radio series introduced Lois Lane to the listening audience in February 1940, in a storyline titled, “The Atomic Beam Machine.” (Click to download mp3 audio from the Internet Archive, … Continue reading

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Margaret Fuller’s fountain of firsts

Updated: 2014 with a link to a new biography, and shifted to more printable “page” format with editing in 2020, as “Margaret Fuller, The Heart and the Fountain.” Margaret Fuller was an author, the first editor of the transcendentalist magazine … Continue reading

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Clark Kent vs. Horace Greeley: Heroic deeds on radio

As mentioned in a separate episode or two, the 1940 radio introduction of Lois Lane had her greeting Clark Kent with a sarcastic remark comparing him to Horace Greeley (1811-1872), one of the previous century’s journalistic superheroes. That got me … Continue reading

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