Whole series or individual episodes of old time radio programs often fell into the newspaper and magazine habit of exploring familiar themes or “news hooks,” such as marking the coming of a holiday. Pages beneath the “themes” heading on the main menu above include overviews of several categories of stories.

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Holiday Hooks

Putting this “Themes” heading here was inspired by a more specific inquiry from the Old Time Radio Researchers group newsletter editor about holiday-themed programs… Of course, at “Newspaper Heroes in the Air,” all stories do involve journalist as a theme, but the question sent me browsing back through 10 years of posts to find a few favorites… from a Christmas message Superman delivered at the end of World War II to the unusual development of one of radios star newspaper reporters getting the holiday off, and a couple of classic Christmas movies redone for radio. Unfortunately newspaper reporters didn’t play a big part in “It’s a Wonderful Life” — although it would have been great to have an interview with Clarence the angel.