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Meet Lois Lane, high-flying journalist

… but bored by atomic energy Episode 7 of the Superman radio series introduced Lois Lane to the listening audience in February 1940, in a storyline titled, “The Atomic Beam Machine.” (Click to download mp3 audio from the Internet Archive, … Continue reading

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Margaret Fuller’s fountain of firsts

Updated: 2014 with a link to a new biography, and shifted to more printable “page” format with editing in 2020, as “Margaret Fuller, The Heart and the Fountain.” Margaret Fuller was an author, the first editor of the transcendentalist magazine … Continue reading

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Radio marked founding of women’s magazines

I’ve already mentioned Godey’s Lady’s Book here, because Cavalcade of America did an episode about its editor, Sarah Josepha Hale. Here’s a women’s magazine whose name may be more familiar to 21st century readers: Ladies Home Journal. It’s still around … Continue reading

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Anna Zenger: Romance or history?

These two episodes from Calvacade of America fall into a journalism category we might call “stories too good to check,” but they are still fascinating. Remember Anna Zenger (1949, Rosalind Russell) Mother of Freedom (1946, Ann Harding, Bill Conrad) The … Continue reading

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Anne Royall, no cure for a “common scold”

By Bob Stepno Start with a national banking scandal (how timely) and add a tough frontier-bred woman editor who keeps her pistols handy — except when lecturing the president of the United States on the pen being mightier than the … Continue reading

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Nellie Bly on the radio

“1885… Women are coming out of the kitchen and invading fields hitherto considered sacred to the male of the species. One of these fields is the newspaper, and the spearhead of this invasion is a girl with big soulful gray … Continue reading

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Women’s History: Sarah Josepha Hale on the Radio

Editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book Dupont Cavalcade of America featured historical and biographical programs, many of famous and less well-known reporters, writers and editors of the past, including Sarah Josepha Hale (1788-1879), author, magazine editor and advocate of education for … Continue reading

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