Maybe the stories were true

Guest Wife” was a 1945 film and corresponding Lux Radio Theater production, with foreign correspondent Don Ameche returning from India to collect something like a Pulitzer Prize.Movie Poster
Unfortunately, as ethical as his reporting from India may have been, he has woven a web of deceit with his boss by creating a fictional wife in a series of not-for-publication letters, some of them praising the reporter to high heaven. To survive the New York visit with his boss, he enlists best friend Dick Foran’s wife — whose picture he had sent to the boss.

Ameche and Foran recreated their movie roles on the radio, while Olivia de Havilland got the title role that had been filled by Claudette Colbert in the movie.

Not much about journalism ethics here, although there’s quite a bit about the journalist as ethical risk-taker on a personal level, and about the hazards of marrying one of those guys.

The funny part: I discovered this film and radio adaptation while searching J. David Goldin’s archives of oldtime radio cast information for another Dick Foran performance. He was the newspaper editor in “My Little Chickadee” with W.C. Fields and Mae West — but so far I’ve found no evidence of it being adapted for radio. But “Guest Wife” brought my list of radio adaptations of films with “newspaper” characters up to 62.

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