Lois knows… until she talks to her editor

For today, a very short blog post with a link to some newsroom banter between Lois, Clark and editor Perry White when Lois has a brainstorm about — silly idea — Kent being Superman’s secret identity.

“Oh stop this nonsense, Lois, we’ve got a paper to get out.” — Perry White

It does suggest that a good-natured, argumentative and teasing relationship exists between a newspaper editor and his reporters. It may not be the greatest testimony to women being taken seriously in newsrooms. Still, Lois does come off as being assertive and tough, if not sufficiently sure of her evidence to stand by her intuition about Clark. After all, that was always part of the fun of the Superman comic books and radio series. Had I been old enough to listen to this program when it came out in 1947, I might have grown up thinking a newsroom was a place I wouldn’t mind working. I wonder if the same was true for girl listeners?

The conversation actually refers back to the conclusion of the previous storyline, a transitional recap before starting a new story. Of course, Lois’s suspicions are quickly set aside, after Clark and Perry explain the logic of why Superman showed up to rescue Lois and Clark while they were both unconscious.

This is episode one of a 24-part story called “The Ruler of Darkness,” which I’ve written about before.

Most episodes of the story (complete with commercials and premium giveaway promotions) are at the Internet Archive as downloadable or streaming mp3 files:


The previous story, “The Secret Rocket,” with that rescue that raised Lois’s, suspicions, is at the end of the previous archive page list:


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