Two Reporters Conspire in Moscow

RIAN archive 11591 Galina Ulanova and Yury Zhdanov in the ballet Radio’s dramatic adventure series like “Suspense” and “Escape” sometimes relied on journalist characters as narrators, doing what reporters do — telling a story mostly from the outside.

In “Two If By Sea,” the derring-do is their own. Even in peacetime, it suggests, the life of a foreign correspondent can be “high adventure” too.

In this 1950 Cold War story — which takes the series title “Escape” literally — a London newspaperman’s Russian ballerina bride is forbidden to leave Moscow. The reporter plots a rescue.

What role will an American radio newsman’s way with words play in reuniting them? And do many journalists become skilled yachtsman, or is that just a British thing?

John Dehner, in the role of the Englishman, played a London reporter from a different century, as star of his own Western series “Frontier Gentleman,” which has its own JHeroes page.

The excellent Escape-Suspense blog has additional writing and cast information on the “Two If By Sea” episode.

The Old Time Radio Researchers Group, meanwhile, provides 250 episodes of the 1947-54 series for download at the Internet Archive Escape page.

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