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Another journalist named Bob: Newspaper life as soap opera

“Running a newspaper is our line of duty” — Betty Drake, co-publisher of The Trumpet, pioneer soap opera heroine “Betty and Bob,” one of radio’s first soap operas, eventually twisted its troubled-marriage plot around to journalism — not surprising, considering … Continue reading

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Journalists cutting deals, keeping secrets,%20The/Green%20Hornet%2038-05-24%20(0239)%20There%20Was%20A%20Crooked%20Man.mp3 Is a newspaper journalist the people’s watchdog or a government lapdog? How observant should a reporter be? And what should a city editor have for lunch? This Green Hornet radio episode, There Was a Crooked Man, is a place … Continue reading

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A critical view of an irresponsible newspaper

One of the strongest critiques of journalistic ethics to be heard on classic radio was broadcast by NBC Radio City Playhouse. The original radioplay Correction is a 1949 newsroom drama with a person hurt by a news story showing up … Continue reading

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Radio marked founding of women’s magazines

I’ve already mentioned Godey’s Lady’s Book here, because Cavalcade of America did an episode about its editor, Sarah Josepha Hale. Here’s a women’s magazine whose name may be more familiar to 21st century readers: Ladies Home Journal. It’s still around … Continue reading

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Clark Kent vs. Horace Greeley: Heroic deeds on radio

As mentioned in a separate episode or two, the 1940 radio introduction of Lois Lane had her greeting Clark Kent with a sarcastic remark comparing him to Horace Greeley (1811-1872), one of the previous century’s journalistic superheroes. That got me … Continue reading

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Publisher dares to report,%20The/Green%20Hornet%2040-06-05%20(0448)%20Murder%20Seeks%20Its%20Victim%20(aka-Crandall%20And%20The%20Murder%20Ring).mp3 Britt Reid didn’t follow a traditional publisher’s job description, and I’m not just talking about his moonlighting as a masked crime fighter for more than 1,000 radio episodes in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s, each one with a newsboy … Continue reading

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