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Covering the world for the World, after the World was gone

I’ve just caught up with the Old Time Radio Researchers Group library updates from 11 months ago and discovered that the group’s collection of “Douglas of the World” stored at the Internet Archive now has four episodes — a 300 … Continue reading

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Foreign Correspondent tilts windmills in classic spy drama

The 1940 Alfred Hitchcock film “Foreign Correspondent” was nominated for a half-dozen Academy Awards, which more than qualified it for a radio adaptation on Squibb’s Academy Award Theater radio series in 1946. (Actually winning an Oscar wasn’t required; in fact, … Continue reading

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D-Day — Real and Dramatized

Thanks to Old Time Radio Researchers collections at the Internet Archive here are two versions of what June 6, 1944, sounded like to the World War II era listening audience. The first presents 45 minutes of selections from the actual … Continue reading

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Press Warrior: Richard Harding Davis

The title of this Cavalcade of America wartime episode, “Soldier of a Free Press” (1942), certainly describes Richard Harding Davis, star reporter from the Spanish American War through World War I. The radio broadcast’s brief biography of the most famous … Continue reading

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Margaret Fuller’s fountain of firsts

Updated: April 14, 2014 with a link to a new Pulitzer-winning biography. Margaret Fuller was an author, the first editor of the transcendentalist magazine The Dial, and the nation’s first woman foreign correspondent. She went to Europe in the 1840s … Continue reading

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